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Unlock the life-changing potential of learning how to profitably navigate the stock market for 30%+ annual returns and weekly trading income.

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WealthPlan™ Elite is an immersive one-year mentorship program designed to deliver personalized education with one goal in mind: accelerated growth of capital using R's proprietary investing and options strategy.

Elite is focused on two main outcomes for mentees: consistent weekly trading income of at least $1,250 and annual returns of 30%+ on long-term investment accounts.

A great mentor makes all the difference in developing a life-changing relationship with money and the markets.


Ryan Leslie / Founder & Mentor

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Frequently asked about Elite.


"In my early 20's, I had a great mentor from Harvard Business School. Though I was smart and self-taught, having a coach with real experience and proven success made all the difference in learning the markets.

ELITE gives me the opportunity to provide mentorship in a meaningful way for motivated investors outside my immediate circle of family and friends." - R

Other trading and stock market education services provide little to no direct access to the founder beyond email or chat alerts.

ELITE is a premium one-on-one mentorship program, personalized to your pace, risk-tolerance and learning style.

Though hundreds of interviews are conducted globally, unless an exception is made, only 5 new ELITE mentees are accepted per year.

ELITE members learn practices that ultra-high net worth investors use to accelerate profits. Growth of 30%+ annually would mean that your entire portfolio value would double every 2-3 years. You'll revisit the power of compounding during your interview.

Long-term investing begins immediately. Though your accounts will grow, you'll learn how to draw cash as needed without selling your holdings.

Expect to spend at least three months to become proficient in short-term trading. This includes learning to create a trading plan, tracking your progress with a trading journal, and improving your profit consistency over time.

R recommends trading his strategy in a simulator until there is a proven track record of success before risking real money.

R's proprietary trading system focuses on a single stock and a single derivative for extremely short trade durations, usually 1-3 minutes. You can request a full presentation during your interview, including a look at the trading journals of present members and graduates.

Yes. Most ELITE mentees trade part-time while also working a full-time job. Some members in different time zones are able to trade the first half-hour of the U.S. Stock Market before or after work. R's recommended trading window is from 9:30am-10:00am EST.

Previous and current mentees include full-time music managers, television writers, artists, software developers, healthcare professionals, independent consultants, and small business owners.

Yes. R's cryptocurrency investments have grown more than 26,000% since 2014. ELITE mentees learn how to navigate the digital asset space and explore other alternative investments including real estate, fine art, startups, and private debt securitization.

We have a dedicated channel in the WealthPlan™ discord for ELITE members. We strongly encourage speaking to current mentees and graduates before enrolling.

At your convenience, contact the team at any time by sending a direct message to @wealthplan via discord or sending an email with subject 'Elite Support' to: team@wealthplan.co

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